What We Do

We do anything that's required to raise your personal profile, manage your reputation and build your thought leadership.

We start by building a deep understanding of what you do – your views, theories, experiences, expertise and then we identify the topics of the zeitgeist in your industry. From there we position your unique voice and build your personal reputation through a mix of channels.

Media Coverage:

Using our media connections and journalistic experience we help secure:
  • Opinion articles (and help you write them)
  • Profile pieces
  • Guest contributed content (and help you write them)
  • Interviews on radio and TV
  • High profile podcast appearances
  • One-on-one media training to deliver the right messages

Speaking Engagements:

We only pursue organic speaking opportunities and never suggest clients for pay-to-play conferences
  • Secure keynotes
  • Secure panel appearances
  • Film talks and edit for promotion
  • Develop messaging and talk themes
  • One-on-one coaching for delivering memorable talks

Social Media:

We don't take over, we advise on what you should be doing, suggest timely posts and supplement your own activity
  • Profile optimisation so you’re found more easily
  • Create and post organic content
  • Identify and engage with the right influencers
  • Conduct paid campaigns
  • Create content calendars

Thought Leadership Events:

Salons or roundtables are an effective way to build networks and demonstrate your expertise. You can get on with work while we:
  • Develop themes for discussion-based networking events
  • Handle the logistics
  • Invite the right people

Online Reputation:

We check that your online persona is consistent across different platforms and that it accurately reflects what you stand for
  • Website optimisation including SEO
  • Improve written bios
  • Move down negative articles in search results
  • Make recommendations for personal messaging

    Creating Content:

    With 15 years experience writing for national publications and working as a producer in national newsrooms, Helen and her team know how to get written and digital content media-ready
    • Produce podcasts
    • Launch Youtube Channels
    • Write articles
    • Write newsletters

    Book Consultancy:

    As A Best-Selling Author, Helen Is In Her Element When It Comes To Getting Book Ideas Off the Ground. She Works Personally With Clients to:
    • Develop a synopsis
    • Source a ghost writer or copyeditor
    • Promote a published or self-published book
    • Prepare professional submission to publishers

    Media Training:

    Through her partner agency Nine Media, Helen has a decade worth of experience training CEOs, academics, comms professionals and more:
    • One on One broadcast interview training
    • Group broadcast interview training
    • Group workshops for comms and PR professionals on how the media works
    • Develop messaging
    • Crisis comms